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Based on the hard work of LaidOffCamp SF, here are some ideas for Dallas/ Ft. Worth session content. If you want to present, feel free to add your ideas!
Finance Stream
  • Earning Short Term Cash
  • Living on an Extreme Budget
  • Affordable Health Insurance
  • Monetizing Your Passion
Freelancing Stream
  • How to Freelance / Becoming a Consultant
  • Getting Booked Solid
  • Coworking Connections:  Staying productive when you're on your own; possible bonus: field trip to nearby coworking community like CoHabitat.
  • Building a Personal Brand
Networking Stream:
  • Networking 101
  • Social Networking 101 (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, podcasting)
  • Meetups, tweetups, Dallas Happy Hours, Jelly Talks, Barcamps, Coworking


Startup Stream:

  • Finding co-founders
  • Legally Forming a Corporation, LLC or Nonprofit
  • Once You Have a Company, Then What?


Job Search Stream:

  • Using twitter & LinkedIn to Aggregate Job Descriptions
  • Keyword Strategies for Job Searches (Classifieds, Twitter)
  • Leveraging Websites, Online Communitites to Find Jobs
  • Résumés and Curriculum Vitaes
  • Keyword Strategies for Building Resumes (Understanding How Recruiters Search) 
Downtime Stream:
  • Learning for Fun: (Un)classes and Microlearning
  • Volunteering - Nonprofit Work


Session Format Suggestion:

In the spirit of keeping LaidOffCamp an ad-hoc, self organized unconference - it may be beneficial to learn about and implement the methods of "Open Space Technology" (OST) meeting facilitation to LaidOffCamp - or at least incorporate some best practices.


Open Space Principles and The Law of Mobility & Responsibility:


  1. Whoever comes is the right person
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have
  3. Whenever it starts is the right time
  4. When it’s over, it’s over


The Law of Mobility and Responsibility (aka The Law of Two Feet):

“If you are not learning or contributing where you are, find a place where you can learn or contribute.”


Here are some links that will offer more information on OST:

Agile Open California (a good overview of OST used at this conference)piese auto ieftine

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