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LaidOffCamp DFW is an Unconference for unemployed and nontraditionally employed people (including freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups) in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth area who want to share ideas and learn from each other. At LaidOffCamp, attendees will discuss topics in sessions that may include: expanding your local network, using twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as lead generation devices, living on an extreme budget, building your personal brand, how to be a freelance consultant, starting your own business and more. LaidOffCamp DFW will occur on March 6th in Dallas, TX at Opening Bell Coffee at the Mosaic. Expected attendance at LaidOffCampDFW is 50-150 people (and counting.)


Email LaidOffCampDFW to sponsor or leave a comment below.



  • As a sponsor, you'll have your name listed on the event wiki, on flyers around the event, and we'll thank you during and at the end of the conference. It's also likely your name will be virally disseminated by attendees via blogs, twitter, Facebook and other forms of rapid communication.
  • If you attend the event, you'll have the opportunity to meet / network with professionals from all around the DFW area.
  • You'll have your company's name associated with a great organization, and earn the goodwill and attention a large number of highly skilled unemployed / nontraditionally employed people in attendance, and countless others scattered across the country via the wiki and national news media outlets such as CBS, TechCrunch, Yahoo, New American Media, ZDNet, Mashable and as well, news media outlets local to the DFW area.


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