LaidOffCamp / Meeting Notes from 2-24-09
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Meeting Notes from 2-24-09

Meeting Topic: LaidoffcampNY Planning Meeting : Feb. 24th, 2009



  • Michael Gruen
  • Peter Chislett
  • Arathi Ramappa
  • Rob Blatt
  • Dwight Irving
  • Jesse Ma
  • Tony Bacigalupo
  • Fredrick Selby



5:30pm – 6:30pm/ 2-24-09

@New Work City

200 Varick St, Room 507B






Overview of Call with Chris Hutchinson of LaidoffCampSF:

-      San Fransisco’s camp will be held at club that is 4 floors

-      They are expecting 400-500 attendees

-      They are still actively seeking sponsors


Survey Update:

-      33 people answered the survey as of Feb. 24th

-      Most of the people were employed

-      Majority of the people were open to having the conference for both days

-      We need to find other avenues to send out the survey so we receive more feedback.


Discussed industries to target for LaidoffcampNY:

-      Finance

-      Technology (digital media/publishing/advertising)

-      Law

-      Need to figure out another word for “unconference” to use in the description for LaidoffcampNY


April Space Options Update:

-      Pace is out because they do not have any space open until mid May

-      ITP is out because they do not have any space open until mid May

-      NY public library is high on the list

-      Arathi and Jesse Ma will call the rest of spaces and find out availability

-      Space Requirements:

--6-9 rooms that can hold approx 30 people possible auditorium that can hold approx. 300 people


Sponsorship Update:

-      Sponsorship Letter is finalized,  we just need a date and space for the letter.

-      Media sponsors:

  • Mashable
  • Business Insider
  • Next Web

Conference Tracks:

-      Need to start working on and decide what conference tracks will be available and the sessions that will be under each track.

-      This will be for up for discussion at the next meeting.



-      Use cotweet if you want to twitter through @laidoffcampny

-      Please contact Peter to be setup on cotweet

-      Make sure to tweet about info that is relevant to NY






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