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LaidOffCampNY – Marketing Committee Meeting

Mon., Mar. 24, 2009 @6:30p (Starbucks on 9th Ave. @59th St.)


  1. Introductions
  2. Action Items – Assignment of Deliverables
    1. Branding
      1. Mission, Vision, Values; refer to:
        1. Mission Statement will probably be same as "1-sentence description"
        2. Sample Mission Statement: LaidOffCampNY is a worldwide, not-for-profit organization that brings together the unemployed and nontraditionally employed for idea sharing.
      2. Review Outreach Commitees needs "Marketing Materials Wish List"
        1. 1- sentence description tentative one-liner: LaidOffCampNY is part of a worldwide, volunteer movement that provides an enviromnent for community members to share ideas and learn from one another.
        2. How different from other conferences LaidOffCamp is the un-conference of conferences. It's a two-way street in which both attendees and presenters have the opportunity to collaborate, promote themselves and/or their companies, and help steer each other in the right direction. It's a conference that YOU (the attendee) can be a part of and help create. Community conversation.
        3. What participants will get out of it (bullets) Sara will create a bulleted list upon reviewing testimonials and coverage of SF and Dallas
        4. What hiring managers, recruiters will get out of it (bullets) Sara to create
        5. Media coverage so far (bullets, links) James will create a "best of" list of media coverage up to this point - merge with the list that Peter has started
        6. Top 3 things to do to get involved 1. Join a committee; 2. Attend or create a session; 3. Spread the word
        7. Email that individual participants can forward along to others Sharon to create
        8. Email that company particpants can forward along to others Sharon to create
        9. Logo Chris to create
        10. The "right" set of contact us links (e.g. website home) - Sharon to compile a contact list with go to people from all committees
        11. Story hook/opener what makes us different, tie this back into the one line mission statement once finalized
        12. Fact Sheet-Rework? Sara to rework fact sheet
    2. Media Channels
      1. PR
        1. Press Release Sara to review release created by James and send revised version to the group on 3.24
        2. Media Outreach – Overlaps w/Outreach Committee James to create media list with his local and national contacts
      2. Web Site – Sharon started building: Chris registered; need to start using
        1. Overall Desired Functionality Use as one medium for all LOCNY communications (i.e. combine Wiki, Google Groups, etc.)
        2. Relationship with/Using Squarespace Chris to have a conversation with squarespace on 3.25; hosting will be free
        3. Content need updates leading up to the conference as well as data on the impact of the conference after it's over; different page for each committee (heads to appoint one person to have editing capabilities); need a sign up box on the homepage of the site to create a mailing list which will receive email updates amping them up for the event; live streaming video of the actual sessions?
      3. Collateral
        1. Event Signage, Fliers Needed? color coded nametags? talk to Sponsorship committee
    3. Advertising
      1. Ad Placement? Do we think we can get any free ad placement anywhere? On or offline? Our web site would have to ready first.
      2. Social Networking Presence Outreach committee responsibilities on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Others
    4. Direct Marketing - see Web Site           
  3. Scheduling of Deliverables Timeline/Next Meeting weekly meetings to be held - schedule TBD


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