LaidOffCamp / NY Outreach Meeting 03-20-09
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NY Outreach Meeting 03-20-09

Friday, March 20, 3p EDT

Call-in: +1 218 844 3377, code: 3366 9988#

Participants: Dwight, Chris, Jesse, Peter, Matt


(Matt's notes)





1. Please comment on the agenda page with your updates

2. Please take a moment 5 minutes prior to the call to read the updates



  • What materials, blurbs do we need from the Marketing team?
  • Any new folks, updates to what do people want to work on?
  • Expanding the team
  • Open questions/bin
  • Next steps


Marketing Materials Wish List

  • 1- sentence description
  • How different from other conferences
  • What participants will get out of it (bullets)
  • What hiring managers, recruiters will get out of it (bullets)
  • Media coverage so far (bullets, links)
  • Top 3 things to do to get involved
  • Email that individual participants can forward along to others
  • Email that company particpants can forward along to others
  • Logo
  • The "right" set of contact us links (e.g. website home)
  • Story hook/opener for
  • I just thought of another request from marketing - I'll be helping

    with a pledge drive at a WNTI ( and might be able to slide in a

    public service announcement about us.  Could the marketing committee prepare

    an NPR-ish underwriting message about LaidOffCamp? (DI)


Dwight: when to contact people? pre-venue, or do it later? so far, deciding to wait

Peter: target end of may; any outreach will have a beneficial effect, starts a conversation

Peter: venue update: 2-3 places on the shortlist

Dwight: may have just one shot if blogging it

Matt: let's start a conversation, make an open invitation to participate (vs just blog)

Jesse: Agreed, let's leave open so they can figure out how they'd want to help

Peter: re outreach to hiring companies and HR inside, as important as anything else

Dwight: contacted some folks

Matt: HR folks have a lot to teach (e.g. how to approach HR), invite them to give a talk

Jesse: Seeding content to give people ideas, if find people who want to give a talk, I'll handle

Matt: here's a wish list

Jesse: comprehensive list good; finding people want to be directed to a single online hub, ideally a simple website with key digest of items

Chris: is at the very top of list for marketing team

Matt: Hub Roles

  • Website: main point of contact, key summary information
  • Wiki: planning team notes, participant content notes
  • Google groups: alert, ping planning team to gain their attention something is new
  • Twitter: wide signal
  • Peter: agreed, in addition, FB

Chris: squaredspace possibly for site

Jesse: FB could be good approach to grow community vs just grow the team

Peter: Team need: someone in financial services space recently laid off




  • General meeting Tues 5:30
  • Outreach meeting Wed 4p (after Marketing team has some time to create drafts)



  • Chris Cassanello
    • Reached out to 5 recuiter agencies and direct contacts. Will be meeting with the ones that were interested early next week. Should have a full list of commitments by Tue/Wed of next week.


Comments (4)

Peter Chislett said

at 11:58 am on Mar 20, 2009

In the process of setting up LaidOffCampNY presence on FB - As a "Page" It will be ready for publication/promotion on Monday.

Matthew Mahoney said

at 11:46 am on Mar 20, 2009

Niche Bloggers
* Layoffmoveon
* Life After my Layoff
* PinkSlips are the New Black
* Jobless and Less
* Recently Laid Off
* Unemploymentality
* Unemployment Meter
* I Get 2 Work
* I Can't Find a Job
* 405 Club
* Jobacle
* RecessionWire
* Free NYC
* Laid-Off Central
* Layoff Blog
* Layoff Daily
* Stuff Unemployed People Like
* Tales From the Recently Laid Off
* The Unemployment Meter
* Recession Help
* Odd Job Nation
* Fired for Now
* Jobless & Proud
* Laid Off and Looking
* Jobacle

Related Projects
* Runway Project
* Slipsquad

Dwight said

at 11:39 am on Mar 20, 2009

Left message on contact form at to see if they'd be interested in an article on the group

Dwight said

at 11:38 am on Mar 20, 2009

* Engaged contact at NJ Economic Development Authority
* Engaged contact at Einstein's Alley

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