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For those who didn't attend the meeting, please review the spreadsheet, assigned yourself to a committee and reach out to the facilitator via the Google Group.  



-- The first tab "Tasks" are general items the committee will focus on

-- The second tab "Commitments" details who's working with each area, please add yourself if you want to get involved.

-- The third tab is a central collection of contact information for everyone involved.


Here's the state of each Committee at this point:


    - Capacity: 200-250 people

    - Rooms: Approx. 7 rooms for 25 people per room, a communial space for 200-250 people

    - Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi or wired

    - Dates: Late April or the month of May 2009

    - Times: Friday & Saturday, roughly 9am - 6pm

Members: Arathi Ramappa, , Jesse Fallick, Peter Chislett


**Outreach (Targeting entry- to mid-level financial services, digital media, advertising, publishing and technology professionals.)  

    Developing channels to target communities

    Developed relationships with firms hiring people & recruiters

    Manage Media and Community sponsor relationships

    Develop online community i.e.

    Social Networking Sites

    CT & NJ

Members: Matt Mahoney, Chris Cassanello, Dwight Irving, Peter Chislett


**Sponsorship (Funding, In-kind support)    

    Brainstorm potential list

    Propose sponsorship parameters (Sponsorship Letter)

    - Potential Registration fees similar to SF's

    - Manage sponsor relationships

Members: Nate Heasley,  Peter Chislett    

**Marketing/Press Relations    

    Press release

    Articulate vision, mission, goals

    Manage press relations

    Press outreach

    Web Site

    - New presence?

    - Modify Logo with graffiti "NY" on existing logo?

Members: Sharon Lavin, Chris Cassanello, Peter Chislett


**Event Content/Programming    

    Twitter feed

    Tracks/Streams, Sessions

    Outreach to seed sessions with helpful professionals

    Higher education programming along with professional development conferences throughout the day

Members: Jesse Fallick, Dwight Irving, Chris Cassanello, Peter Chislett


**Resource procurement    

    Define needs

    - Logo designer

    - Web developer

    - Community manager

    - Event manager

    - Event photographers

    - Event volunteers

    - etc.

    Write position descriptions

    Recruit/vet/choose the best available talented unemployed/underemployed to fill needs

Members: Chris Cassanello, Michael Gruen


Please add anything that was missed or is incorrect.



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