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Allan Cafferty said

at 3:20 pm on Apr 6, 2010

My response, to everyone, is — THANK YOU. Without all of you the day wouldn’t have been what it was. I’m already seeing people meet online, start discussions, get connected and having new energy about their job search, business dreams, and community-building.

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Curtis Miller said

at 4:48 pm on Jul 13, 2009

Another event on July 23rd that might be interesting for any job seekers out there:

Bill Austin said

at 2:07 pm on Jun 8, 2009

Good afternoon Rachel,

I am looking forward to helping get this event off the ground and participating. Now that Scottsdale Job Network has expanded to Chandler and Glendale there are a lot more job seekers joining from the Southeast Valley and the North West Valley. this event in Chandler will very likely be well attended.

Bill Austin

Doug Erkkila said

at 9:27 am on Mar 31, 2009

Another Phoenix local that would love to attend/help out. I didn't know about this until I heard about it on TWIT like John did.

Chuck Reynolds said

at 12:57 pm on Mar 20, 2009

I talked to Chris Hutchins at SXSWi09 and he mentioned my friend Rachel was in planning to create one in Phx... so I'm looking forward to helping / participating...

John H. Bell III said

at 2:45 pm on Mar 8, 2009

Thanks Leo Laporte and the interview for alerting me to this wiki. Looking forward to see where it leeds.

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