LaidOffCamp / Pittsburgh
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LaidOffCamp is an ad-hoc gathering of unemployed and self-employed people (including entrepreneurs and startups) who want to share ideas and learn from each other. You do NOT have to be unemployed to attend!


When / Where

  • Put date here
  • Looking for a Venue
  • RSVP for LaidOffCamp Pittsburgh on Facebook and Upcoming (<- events need to be created)
  • Eventually, put a link to tickets here (we used EventBrite for the SF event)


Planning and Volunteers


Session Ideas

  • Planning your Day
  • Make better coffee than Starbucks at home
  • How to start a web company cheap
  • The next big thing in...
  • How to do consulting
  • The makings of a good client
  • The makings of a good contractor
  • Pitching a VC
  • What a prototype must have
  • Exercise in the big blue room
  • A day in the life of 
    • an independent contractor
    • a venture funded company
    • a bootstrapped company
    • a small startup company
    • a barista
  • Finding co-founders
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Living within a budget
    • Using Google Docs for personal burn down charts
  • ...




Who's Talking About LaidOffCamp Pittsburgh?

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