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Community Event Will Lift Spirits, Bring Job Seekers and New Opportunities Together 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — February 25, 2009 — For an enterprising and resilient group of young entrepreneurs, losing your job is a unique opportunity to gain new perspective and reinvent your career. After recently being laid off from a Cambridge-based consulting firm, Chris Hutchins, 24, launched LaidOffCamp – a community event for the unemployed and non-traditionally employed (including freelancers and entrepreneurs) to network, promote their marketable skills and exchange resources and expertise with others. The first-ever LaidOffCamp takes place all day Tuesday, March 3, at Temple in San Francisco, with an expected attendance of 300-500 people. While tickets are available at no charge, people are encouraged to make a donation that fits their budget.


According to Hutchins, "LaidOffCamp exists to provide an environment for community members to help steer each other in the right direction during these trying times — whether that direction is looking for a new job, starting a company, finding freelance work or becoming an independent consultant." LaidOffCamp is modeled after user-generated conferences pioneered by BarCamp, and will feature open, participatory discussion sessions presented by attendees. Approximately 21 sessions will be held throughout the day with proposed topics that include: Networking 101, Living on an Extreme Budget, Building Your Personal Brand, and How to be a Freelance Consultant.


As more people lose their jobs from coast to coast, discussion of the appeal and increasing demand for LaidOffCamps has set social media and online communities on fire. “People across the country are jumping on board to plan LaidOffCamp events in other cities such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle and Washington, D.C.”, said Hutchins. “The need for this type of event is even going global - a networking group in Bangalore recently expressed interest in organizing a LaidOffCamp event in India.” LaidOffCamp is actively seeking passionate community organizers looking to bring LaidOffCamp to their own city.  


For more information on the event:




Tuesday, March 3, 2009                           Temple

9:00 am – 5:45 pm                                   540 Howard Street, San Francisco 

After Party: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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