LaidOffCamp / UsingTheLaidOffCampWiki



The LaidOffCamp Wiki is modeled after the BarCamp Wiki to collaboratively plan each camp. Typically each location has its own wiki homepage and a number of subpages.


Editing the wiki

  • All users are free to edit the contents of the LaidOffCamp wiki as they see fit - just take care not to cut out lots of code after you have made your changes! However you can add yours freely.... Thanks.


Naming Conventions

  • Each location should have a homepage. The homepage name should be the location name. Related pages should begin with the location name.
  • For multiple events happening at the same location, events should be appended with numbers E.G. Location, the second: Location2, the ninth: Location9, etc.
  • Don't use spaces in page names. Note the lack of spaces in the above page names. E.G. TheRulesOfLaidOffCamp, SanFranciscoSponsorLetter, OrganizeALaidOffCamp, etc.